March 17-18, 2020  //  Co-owned and organized by ISSA and CleanLink

The Importance of Bridging the Gap Between The Environmental Services and Nursing Departments

Start Time:

3/18/2020 8:00:00 AM

End Time:

3/18/2020 9:00:00 AM

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Business Management

About this session:

As a healthcare cleaning professional, you go about your normal day of cleaning and disinfecting in many areas. The environment looks great overall. Have you ever asked yourself is the indoor healthcare environment safe from an infection control stand point? Appearance can be deceiving. Don't be fooled surfaces can harbor bacteria, contaminants and even major bugs such as Clostridium Difficile (C-Diff).

In many healthcare facilities, there's a disconnect between the environmental services and infection control departments. This lack of communication can lead to a breakdown in the overall quality of care and lead to illnesses and infection. From working together to identify high-touch areas that require more frequent cleaning to identifying practices and protocols that will help reduce the risk for healthcare acquired infections.

During this presentation we will discuss infection control and the super bugs that you may not know exist, how long they can live on surfaces, chemicals needed to clean during the process and what you can do to protect yourself and team during the cleaning process. You will also learn proven strategies for working together with nursing and the infection prevention team through tactics such as the "Three Cs" (communication, collaboration and cooperation).

Learning Objectives:

1. Explain why the environmental services department is an important link in the infection control chain.
2. Discuss how nursing is critical to the success of the environmental services department.
3. Highlight the importance of working together as a team.
4. Recognize how using the 3 C’s can help you successfully bridge the infection control gap. (Communication/ Collaboration / Cooperation)

Presented by:

Shalonda Wilson-Patterson
Nurse Administrator

Michael Patterson
Executive Director

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