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Jon Hill

Co-Founder @ LaserClean Systems

Jon Hill Photo

Jon Hill is in the business of creating solutions for serious organizational problems. He is an expert at leveraging cutting-edge technology to reengineer operations and institute technologically advanced systems managerial analysis, decision making, and reporting. He works with his team to develop the strategic direction, information needs and implement tools that enable LaserClean Systems to define the resources necessary for delivering products and services in an efficient and effective matter. In 2000, Jon started a private consulting business with a broad range of clients, including start-up businesses and mid-to-large companies. His business assisted customers in designing and implementing their strategy and integrated profitability. In 2010, Jon joined the School of Business facility at Virginia Commonwealth University. He facilitates student learning at the undergraduate and graduate level. He teaches strategy and accounting courses. Jon believes that knowledge and information are most valuable when they are shared. He shares his knowledge with his team and students as Professor of Accounting. Jon has published articles on strategic implementation and execution and integrated profitability. He is a lecturer at local and national symposiums and conferences. He is a husband, father, grandfather and an avid rugby and VCU RAM fan.

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